Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turning 18: Kim

Mood: Phantom of the Opera
Palette: Red, gold and black
Venue: The Glass Garden
Coordination and stage design: Ana Tueres of Solutions Events

We love debuts! ("De-boo" for me, funny when it's pronounced as "day-byu" but might be the more sosyal way to pronounce it?? hehe!) Debuts are more tasking than weddings (numerous costume changes, themed details, not to mention guests don't always arrive on time..) but debuts are so much fun :) Here's a debut series for you guys..

Top row: Kim's invite by Adworks Grafix. I suuuper love when i get my own invite. No i don't need a seat, but this is highly appreciated.
Second row: Black tablecloths with red overlay. 5-tiered cake by Alex Franco (yum as always!). Carousel type draping-very elegant but the hardest type of draping to do for stylists.
Third row: Personalized menu cards patterned from the invite. Each napkin was tied with a black ribbon and adorned with a red rose.
Last row: Black wooden candelabras alternate glass vases. Stage design by Solutions Events.

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