Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{Real wedding} Mak & Loren

Mood: Awards Night Glamour (The Oscars)
Palette: Red and gold
Venue: Casa Blanca, Tagaytay
Coordination: Janice Dadap
Bridal Stage: Balay Kandila

Everything about the wedding reflected Loren's style. She came stylishly dressed in her mini dress and heels every meeting, it was sort of a telling that her wedding would be a glitzy affair :) She pulled together all these wedding details to give her guests a taste of a little Hollywood glam..

Mak and Loren had their wedding at Casa Blanca and put their faces on a huge Casablanca movie poster that lit up the entrance of the venue. (Photo grabbed from

Faces of Mak and Loren on movie posters :) Must've been a fun photo shoot. Posters by Bleach and Stain.

Titles of their favorite movies as table numbers

Loren and her entourage painstakingly pasted M&L stickers at the bottom of each gold-foiled chocolate kiss. Their list of drinks included sparkling white wine, cosmo and chocolate martini.

The reflection of the candles on the glasses created a stunning ambience. Plus the combination of red and gold was super elegant.

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  1. Nice theme for a wedding!
    Very elegant set-up too!
    Best wishes to the couple c",)