Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{Real wedding} Andrew & Sayaka

Mood: Elegant Hawaiian
Palette: Fuchsia, white and brown
Venue: Balai Taal, Tagaytay

Aloha means love :) The couple picked their meeting place to be the theme for their wedding. And although luau's been done a thousand times.. theirs translated a pulled together Hawaiian motif. Balai Taal was the perfect venue.. the wood details and super lush bougainvilla plants complemented their fuchsia and brown palette.

Andrew and Sayaka come from very different backgrounds--Andrew is Filipino and Sayaka is Japanese. So it was very important for Andrew to make Sayaka's family feel at home at their wedding. There were paper cranes everywhere, all personally handmade by the groom and his friends. It was a very thoughtful detail and was the perfect stamp of Andrew's love for his bride.

Top row: Origami on the tables for a little touch of Japan.
Second row: Rectangular tables can be very functional,  no need to think of how to group friends into 8's or 10's. Aesthetically elegant too. Names of places in Hawaii are so beautiful.. these were used in place of table numbers.
Third row: The groom sent us a Japanese translation of our menu. It was a little bit scary to serve Sayaka's family Japanese cuisine.. so what we served was a fusion of all three countries to tickle the palettes of all the guests. The main course was composed of Seared tuna belly served on top of wasabi mashed potato and Inihaw na baby back ribs in pineapple sauce served with cherry tomatoes and carrot rice wrapped in banana leaf. And we served bibingka for dessert! 

To Andrew and Sayaka, mahalo! All good wishes for you both!

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