Monday, March 23, 2009

w@w TOP 10 for 2008!

THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you!

It's been weeks already since the news was first announced but I feel like haven't expressed enough thanking.

So to all my brides and all the w@wies, thank you for voting. Thank you for the kind words you've shared with your co-brides. To my super loyal clients (you know who you are!) who even share their menus and ideas with others in case i don't get to reply soon enough, thank you so much for lending your inputs and your time. 

John and Benz, hey happy 10th anniversary! All of us suppliers owe you for keeping this wedding industry super strong through this community you've built :) 

To Atty. Fortun, Jason and Bob, had so much fun working with you (even if deep inside sobrang nerbyos ako during the shoot). Haha :) 

To the rest of the TOP 10, congratulations! And to the supplier of the year, Cecilio Abad--I absolutely love Chinkie's dress!!! =)


  1. hi kaye! congrats for being in the top 10! you really deserve it. i hope you continue with what you're doing for a really long time. i still remember how yummy our wedding menu tasted, especially your panna cotta (yum!). and super thanks for the special valentines dinner! we really enjoyed it. :)

    the photos in this blog site look really great by the way. :)

    - margaux & ivan cruz (feb 16 2008)

  2. hi kaye,

    congratulations! or as the dutchies say it-- gefeliciteerd! well deserved spot, to say the least.

    i am glad i got to see you before i left, even though it was a super delayed meet up. i still owe you the pictures i promised.

    your new site looks sooo lovely, it will definitely be in my list of favorites. i cant wait to read more!

    take care and we hope to see you when we come home for a visit.

    karen and tjerk lambooij (3 may 2008)

  3. hi, kaye!

    congratulations. too bad i didn't see you during the w@w party. we are thinking of having another party just to get to eat your food again. we are soooo happy to have you as our caterer. LD is telling me we should see you because we don't have picture with you nung wedding. thanks so much and all our family and friends are still raving about the food.

    we are so proud and happy to be a k by cunanan couple.

    macy and ld (jan 6,2009)

  4. Congratulation Kaye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More power to you, and I wish you'll have more weddings to cater :)
    -- jom & myrna 9.7.08

  5. hi Kaye!

    Congratulations for making it to the Top 10! We're so happy for you. And as always, we're so proud for being one of your satisfied clients. Our guests were raving on how yummy the food was during our wedding. Too bad we weren't able to eat well... so many things were happening, haha! Anyway, we're looking forward to having you again as our caterer.

    Wishing for the BEST for K. by Cunanan! May you have more events to cater and even more happy and satisfied clients! Cheers! c",)

    See you soon!

    Isai & Cie (23 December 2008)

    PS. Thanks for the V-day dinner treat, we had a great time sampling all the ever delicious food!