Thursday, March 11, 2010

See you at the Wedding Expo

See you this weekend at the PICC Forum! You can't miss this one.. For first timers, I'm sure you'll be amaaazed to see what our Filipino wedding suppliers have to offer. Even I am excited to see how other florists, stylists and caterers are going to setup their space :) Be sure to shop for new inspiring ideas and great deals :)

Here's our setup last year :)

Wedding Expo March 2009
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  1. gorgeous setup as always! my sister will see on the expo (in my behalf) :)

  2. beautiful! i'm excited for ours in october =)

  3. wow, it's very nice to see. really i congrats to this wedding planner and wedding designer. good ideas to designs and arrangements.

  4. its wonderfull to see. all the best to this . wedding planner very good designs and arrangement

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