Friday, June 25, 2010

See you at the fair today

See you at the fair today. Here's our setup last March at the Wedding Expo. Got my inspiration from the craft begins. Click on the link on my list of favorite blogs. I love that her palettes are not too common and not too "pretty". I wish I had a bit of a more unstructured style like hers :) Enjoy!

Mood: Mediterranean villa
Palette: cream, stone, bougainvillea and mustard

Top row: Potted bougainvillea on the foreground. Take advantage of its lushness during the summer months. A bunched up arrangement of white carnations looks like delicate ruffles.
Second row: This succulent is super affordable. These can even be given as favors. Find them at Manila Seedling. Our newest gray damask (side note: we can only use these in non-smoking venues. I would hate to get cigarette burns on my most prized linen..:) ). White pebbles on the ground.
Third row: Lampshades on tall vases, with curly willow branches submerged inside the vase. Mustard napkins, my new favorite color.
Fourth row: A cluster of cacti


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