Monday, August 2, 2010

An intimate little affair with a Spanish flair

Cris and Kaye
Mood: the Spanish period
Palette: Red, pewter and black
Venue: San Agustin Courtyard
Coordination: Camille of Fab Occasions
Photography: Nelwin Uy

Top row: We served red wine sangria to set the mood for the evening reception.
Second row: The courtyard's cobbled floors and distressed walls was the perfect backdrop. Menu items were in Spanish but we made sure to add in the English translation so guests didn't have to keep guessing what they were having :)
Third row: A band of black to hold the napkins. Red roses on our "silver-plated" pedestals. My waiters get a good workout carrying these!
Fourth row: Our ensalada verde con nueces, aceto balsamico de miel a.k.a. salad greens with sun dried tomatoes, walnuts and honeyed balsamic. (Although i couldn't find the translation for sun dried tomatoes). A Filipino-Spanish cheeseboard was prepared for the cocktail hour, we had
queso blanco (kesong puti), queso de bola (our Christmas-time cheese) and of course some Manchego. I found some yummy smoked cheese and pimiento-coated cream cheese and threw those in. All cheeses were wiped out before dinner even started.
Fifth row: Last photo is our callos dish served with crusty bread. This recipe is older than me, a borrowed dish from my lola's menu :) Our recipe has a spicy kick so don't let this traditional dish deceive you :)


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